Archery clubs in France

Want to take up archery, but need to know where your nearest club is, if you are in the South Vienne, that's easy "Archers du Coeur de Lion", but if not, one place to look is French Fédération de Tir à l'Arc: go to their website on the right hand side of the home page, you will see a small blue map of France with "Trouver un Club" click on this and select the department required, here is the link

Archery has many benefits - it's fun, and it's good for your health!

Although there are many people who take up archery to be competitive, it would be easy to lose sight of the fact that many people enter the sport for the social side!

Archery is THE family sport; some people get into it because their kids take it up, and some kids take it up as a day out with their parents or grandparents. One of its biggest attractions is that it's one sport where all ages and all abilities can enjoy themselves together.