Looking after your bow

Your bow requires minimal maintenance, to keep it in perfect order.

It is recommended that you use a bow stringer when stringing your bow. Proper use of a bow stringer will prevent your bow’s limbs from becoming twisted and is the safest method of stringing and unstringing your bow.

Unstring your bow when not in use.

Never 'dry fire' your bow. This means shoot without an arrow. The weight of an arrow slows the string down and cushions the shock. A ‘dry fire’ can severely damage your bow

Store your bow in a cool, dry place and avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat and moisture. Never leave you bow in the car on a sunny day. This could seriously damage your bow. Do not store your bow when wet. Dry first with a soft cloth. Never use heat to dry your bow.

Never use bowstrings of a length other than specified correct for that bow.

When assembling your limbs to the handle, do not over tighten the limb bolts. A snug fit is all that is required. Over tightening could damage your limbs.

Shoot only arrows specified suitable for your bow. Arrows, which are too light, or to rigid and heavy may cause damage to your bow.

Change your bowstring at least once a year. If you find a loose or broken strand or excessive wear on the bowstring then replace immediately. Rubbing some bow string wax into the bowstring occasionally will prolong the life of your string.